Advent of Code: Day 6 Solution

This year, I’m posting my solutions to the puzzles in the Advent of Code. Each post will consist of pseudocode, with a link to the actual code I used to solve the puzzle on Github.

And now, on with the solution:

Day 6, part 1

Simplified problem: Given a list of inputs, calculate the most frequent characters in each column


  1. Set input=(input)
  2. Set numColumns to input character’s length
  3. Set message=nothing
  4. For i=1 to numColumns (loop through columns)
  5. For each line in input
    1. Set columInput=nothing
    2. For each line in input
      1. Append the first character of line to columnInput
    3. End For
    4. Set distinctCharacters = distinct characters in columnInput
    5. Sort distinctCharacters in descending order
    6. Add the first character in distinctCharacters to message
  6. End For
  7. Return message

Day 6, part 2

Perform the same task, but calculate the least frequent characters in each column.


  • Perform the same steps as in Day 6, part 1, however in step 5.6 add the last character in distinctCharacters to message

You can find the full solution on Github

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