April Fools Day 2017 roundup

Today is April Fool’s Day. Here’s a roundup of the pranks I’ve found this year:

  • Google has announced the release of Google Gnome, a smart assistant for your yard. It can tell you the weather, wind speed and direction, and even has a ride-on lawnmower integration unit, so you can have the Gnome mow the lawn for you.
  • Stack Overflow announced a new authentication method: Dance Dance authentication.
  • Reddit announced /r/place, an interactive canvas where users can place a pixel anywhere they like, but are then locked out for a period of time before placing another. At time of writing, there were a lot of flags, video game characters (Bomberman, Link), nyan cat, quotes and plugs for other subreddits.
  • Google maps added Ms Pac Man.
  • And there are plenty more Google Jokes in this roundup.
  • Ikea are holding a pencil amnesty.

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